Kelley Karel, Hillary Clinton

Kelley Karel, Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton

  • Artist: Kelley Karel
  • Based In: New York, NY
  • Mini-Bio: Kelley Karel has a versatile background in film, stage, opera, musical theater, comedy improv, cabaret, and Off-Broadway. Recently, Kelley starred in Cloudy Sky Film's web series, Sherry's Kitchen, playing multiple lead roles including Hillary Clinton, and just finished the starring role of Christine in the feature film, Snow. Kelley performs with her husband, Chuck Karel in the cabaret act, THE KARELS in New York City and throughout the country. Kelley’s spot on impersonation of Hillary Clinton, has earned her the label as "The Singing Hillary Clinton." As "Hillary," Kelley has performed numerous times on television, including Conan O'Brien, soap operas, and a variety of news and human interest programs. With her impeccable impersonation of Hillary Clinton, sharp improv skills, customized writing, and clean, corporate sensitive comedy, Kelley has worked in the corporate arena for many Fortune 500 companies including Ortho Pharmaceuticals, Information Systems Inc., Good Morning America Publicists, and Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, as well as performing in live corporate theater and interactive comedy shows as a speaker, host, and emcee.
  • Pros (in relation to your production): We've been using Kelley to play Hillary alongside Tim Watters as Donald Trump. Career entertainer. Looks like Hillary, but 30 lbs lighter. Voice is pretty decent compared to our other Hillary performers.