Association of California Water Agencies


Mrs. Paula Currie
Director of Member Services and Events
P: 1-(916)-441-4545 direct
C: 1-(916)-616-0286
A: 910 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Basic Event Info

  • Event – 2017 Spring Conference
  • Performance Date/s – Thursday, May 11, 2017. Dinner begins at 07:00PM PT, Show begins at 08:00PM PT.
  • Location – Portola Hotel & Spa, 2 Portola Plaza, Monterey, CA 93940
  • Type of Event – Association Event
  • Attire – Business Casual
  • Audience – 350-400 attendees. Elected Directors of Public Water Agencies in CA, General Managers of Public Water Agencies in CA, Senior Level Staff of Public Water Agencies in CA, and others. ACWA is not itself government. They are a trade association however the Directors of these agencies are elected. The political split is more 50/50. They have a lot of agricultural folks and those in northern CA tend to lean more on the right. And then you have southern CA where you see more of the left leaning folks. Middle of the road would be safe. 
  • Details – Dinner, live show, and post-performance meet & greet photo op.
  • Length of Show – 45-60 minutes
  • Characters Requested – Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton


All entertainment options include:

  • Client and end-client interview/s to develop custom written material and to do decide what political topics are on/off limits;
  • Combination of up-to-the-minute political humor, and custom written event-driven material (industry buzz, VIP roast/toast, geographic location, political issues facing company/industry, etc.);
  • Client and/or end-client will have final script approval; and
  • In-character post-performance meet & greet photo op (if wanted).

Base Rider

  • One (1) wireless lavalier lapel microphone per performer
  • One (1) wireless handheld microphone for audience interaction
  • One (1) podium with light per performer
  • Multimedia projector and minimum of one screen / we run multimedia presentation off of an iPad with a VGA or HDMI connector
  • Sound system for entrance/exit music (if multimedia projector and screen are not available)
  • Green room or dressing room for touch ups (mirror, one chair per performer, table, water, light snacks)

Production Suggestions (Not Required)

  • Keep the appearance a surprise -- only let the attendees know that a special guest/s will be addressing the group;
  • Have a few "Secret Service Agents" casing the room prior to the appearance to create ambiance and anticipation -- we use actors or local security guards dressed in dark suits, white shirts, dark ties, and ear pieces;
    • At larger budget events, we have actually had "Secret Service Agents" stationed at the doors to the meeting room to pat down, scan with metal detectors, and use "Bomb Sniffing Dogs" on attendees;
    • At other events, we have slipped "Top Secret Questionnaires" under attendees' hotel room doors on the evening before the performance; and
  • If having an in-character post-performance meet & greet photo session, we recommend a designated "Photo Booth" with either a "Presidential Set" including blue velvet drape, American flags, and Presidential seal, or a "Red Carpet Set" with association/sponsor logo wall backdrop, red carpet, red velvet rope, and gold stanchions.

NOTE: We can help with all of the above, if you need our help.

Artist Options (See Pricing Below)

One of the artists has a hold on your requested date, so we have two lineup options right now:

  • Lineup 1
    • Artist 1: Donald Trump, Tim Watters
    • Artist 2: Barack Obama, Ron Butler
    • Artist 3: George W. Bush, John Morgan
    • Artist 4: Bill Clinton, Dale Leigh
    • Host/Moderator/Producer: Dustin Gold
  • Lineup 2
    • Artist 1/Producer: Donald Trump, Dustin Gold
    • Artist 2: Barack Obama, Ron Butler
    • Artist 3: George W. Bush, John Morgan
    • Artist 4: Bill Clinton, Tim Watters
    • Host/Moderator: Dan Whitehurst