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Ms. Stacy Holand Santoro
Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau
Vice President, Sales
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Project Details (Provided by Client)

  • Type: Corporate Event/National Sales Meeting
  • Event Date: Dec 12, 2016
  • Event Time: TBD
  • Location: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Venue: TBD
  • Performers: "Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton" or "Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton"
  • Performance Length: 30-45 minutes, plus meet & greet photo op

Project Note

  • Depending on the outcome of the election, the end-client can choose to have "Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton" or "Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton."

Talent Recommendations

  • Donald Trump: Tim Watters (below)
  • Bill Clinton: Tim Watters (below)
  • Hillary Clinton (on stage productions): Dorothy Bishop (below)
  • Hillary Clinton (meet & greet photo ops): Kelley Karel (below)

All Performances Include

  • Client and end-client interview/s to develop custom written material and to do decide what political topic are on/off limits;
  • Combination of up-to-the-minute political humor, and custom written event-driven material (industry buzz, VIP roast/toast, geographic location, political issues facing company/industry, etc.);
  • Client and end-client will have final script approval; and
  • In-character post-performance meet & greet photo session (if wanted).

Production Suggestions (Not Required)

  • Keep the appearance a surprise -- only let the attendees know that a special guest/s will be addressing the group;
  • Have a few "Secret Service Agents" casing the room prior to the appearance to create ambiance and anticipation -- we use actors or local security guards dressed in dark suits, white shirts, dark ties, and ear pieces;
  • At larger budget events, we have actually had "Secret Service Agents" stationed at the doors to the meeting room to pat down, scan with metal detectors, and use "Bomb Sniffing Dogs" on attendees;
  • At other events, we have slipped "Top Secret Questionnaires" under attendees' hotel room doors on the evening before the performance; and
  • If having an in-character post-performance meet & greet photo session, we recommend a designated "Photo Booth" with either a "Presidential Set" including blue velvet drape, American flags, and Presidential seal, or a "Red Carpet Set" with company logo backdrop.
  • NOTE: We can help with all of the above, if you need our help.

Base Rider

  • One (1) wireless lapel lavaliere microphone per performer;
  • One (1) wireless handheld microphone as a backup and/or for audience interaction -- if any;
  • One (1) podium, with lectern light per performer;
  • Green room with one (1) chair per formers, table, full length mirror, water, light snacks, and access to Wi-Fi (if available);
  • Sound system for entrance/exit music; and
  • Projector and projection screen (only needed if we are using multimedia in the performance).

Event Price

  • $10,000 less 25% commission
  • $7,500 net to us
  • Three travel packages (Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Moderator/Producer)

Travel Costs

  • $750/per performer/producer includes round trip coach airfare and ground transportation;
  • Client pays for hotel (1-2 nights depending on travel schedule and performance time); and
  • Client can book air, ground, and hotel if they choose.