Georgia Pacific

Contact 1

Cathy Thomas
Senior Producer
Blue Marble Media
P: 1-(404)-386-0071
A: 704 Berkeley Ave NW # B, Atlanta, GA 30318

Contact 2

Robin Kimber
Producer / Operations Manager
Blue Marble Media
P: 1-(404)-982-9552
C: 1-(404)-937-3478
A: 704 Berkeley Ave NW # B, Atlanta, GA 30318

Project Details (Provided by Client)

  • This could possibly be a multiple day shoot. We are still in Pre-Production so its also a possibility depending on the script that some of the talent could be voice-over recordings. My client really wants political impersonators so I will most likely try to work around the talents availability to accommodate as many characters as possible.
  • My clients host an internal business awards banquet every year and would like the winner announcement videos to be centered around political impersonators. 

  • Usually 33 award winners - talent will deliver a little 30-second to 1-minute skits to highlight each individual.

  • This is a annual event. We usually shoot in August. This is a internal event so we would have no issues with abiding by any caveats to not host on the web.

  • Could be several locations and/or VO and/or Atlanta, GA and/or Los Angeles, CA.

  • $150,000 / Budget is flexibly; video is talent orientated - everything depends on their availability & cost.

  • Actors can be flown in and filmed in Atlanta.

  • Client has a two man crew in LA.

  • Client is not opposed to possibly having us handle some of the production depending on the character and length of time they will appear on screen.

  • Client will be providing the script, but we can adjust to make the words fit the characters better if we find a need to do so.

Below Pricing

  • The below pricing is based on contracting the various Artists individually with our booking team handling contracts and logistics.
  • Once we have an idea of which actors/characters you're thinking of using, we can put a budget together which is specific to your creative. We can definitely do better on the pricing once we know exactly what you're thinking, especially if you're using multiple characters (as discussed). We can save you additional money if we are involved in the production -- which we can discuss in detail with my partner, Ron Butler.
  • We have the ability to produce some of this content for you. If that is a solution you're interested in pursuing, please let us know so the we can discuss with you.
  • We can shoot on location and/or studio and/or green screen studio.

Additional Characters

  • If there are characters that you'd like to feature, but are not listed on the Artist roster below (Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, etc.), please let us know as we have the ability to cast comedic actors and procure wigs/costumes.